Get Your Craft On

New Ruffle Bustle Skirt Pattern in the Shop!

Well, so far I have not met my New Year’s Resolution goal of one new pattern a month. But I did at least meet the goal of having this pattern ready before Halloween!

The newest WhatTheCraft Pattern is the Ruffle Bustle Skirt!This voluminous tie-on bustle skirt is the perfect accessory for any steampunk, burlesque, or


I Need Your Help!

When I first started WhatTheCraft, I never dreamed it would be so successful. I just wanted a place to share and document what I learned in my crafty experiments.

Fast forward seven years later, and the site has grown enormously. So much so that I’ve recently had to increase the server space to keep up.


Wet Paint!

Don’t step in it! I did that when I was about 10, and it was super embarrassing. There was a big sign that warned of the wet paint, but dumb old me went and accidentally stepped in it anyway.

If you’re a frequent visitor, you’ll notice that things look a little different around here. I’ll


Scam Alert

This website is stealing copyrighted photos and descriptions of my work. And it’s not just me. The work of several other designers is also being stolen.

Rest assured that I’ve summoned all the bad karma possible and sent it their way, hoping they come down with a raging case of syphilis, but let’s digress from


What’s cookin?

All moved in and (mostly) unpacked! Party time!

One of my first projects for the new house is kitchen curtains. Maybe I should specify SEWING projects, as the non-sewing projects we’ve already done on this house are innumerable. Yesterday I drew some mockups and picked out fabric. I still haven’t decided between the two designs.


Happy New Year!

We hit some big milestones this year. Over 86,000 unique visitors, 125,000 total visits, and 1.25 MILLION page views in one month! Thank you all for the feedback, ideas, and comments that keep me motivated and inspired.

Things might be a bit quiet over here for a few days, as I am armpit-deep in fabric


Smarmy Sale Time!

I was having a Halloween sale over at SmarmyClothes, but I’ve decided to extend the sale because we have a tentative closing date on our new house! Yayyyyyy! All ready to ship clothing is 31% off for the next few days! Check it out and help me clear some of this stock out before the


Evil Kittens

I know, I’ve been promising a new video tutorial on Twitter, but it’s kind of a long one and is going to take FOR-EV-ER to upload on our crapass internet connection. I bring a peace offering of kittens.

One of our cats, Saxby, died in the middle of July. His brother Zelda was getting pretty


Shake Your Handmade Moneymaker

The holiday shopping season is upon us- I know, I know, I don’t want to think about it either. I’m a last minute shopper, so all of you super organized people that get your shopping done before December even rolls around make me feel like a lard ass. I’m use to it, though, so I


SQUEE! Video Tutorials coming soon!

I am super excited to announce that video tutorials will soon be a regular feature here at!

I know some of your have been asking for this for a while now, and I finally invested in a video camera. I will soon be the proud own of a Creative Labs Vado HD.