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What is the difference between knit fabrics and woven fabrics?

As a seasoned seamstress, I tend to take it for granted that people know the difference between a knit and woven fabric, but plenty of people don’t. As evidenced by the questions I get at least once a week both in my clothing shop and my pattern shop like: “Can I use 100% cotton with


Quick Tip: What’s the difference between a ballpoint needle and a stretch needle?

Is there even a difference? The answer is yes. I tend to use them interchangeably, but the stretch needles do have some benefits for the extra stretchy fabrics like lycra/spandex.

Both types have a rounded end compared to a universal needle, which prevents snags or runs in the knit fabric. But a stretch needle also


Quick Tip: How To Keep Strawberries Fresh in the Fridge

Nothing says summer like fresh strawberries!

When strawberries are in season, I like to buy them by the boatload. The problem is, they don’t keep for very long.

That’s not a huge problem for me, since a lot of them wind up in the freezer for smoothies and milkshakes. But I like to keep


Quick Tip: Keep a log of machine maintenance

When was the last time you cleaned and oiled your machine? Or changed a needle?

You don’t remember?

Me neiths.

That’s why I started keeping a mini notebook next to my machines so I could record when and what maintenance I’ve done.

I change the needles on my sewing machines fairly often, but on


Quick Tip: How to sew sequined fabric

Today’s Crafty Advice question is about sequined fabric:

Oooohhh sparklies…


Dear WhatTheCraft,

I’m trying to sew knit material with sequins that are glued on. My machine works fine with everything else I’ve sewed, but when I tried to sew this fabric, the needle gets gummed up with glue residue from the


How to Hide Serger Thread Tails – DIY Sewing Technique Tutorial

You can’t backstitch with a serger, so you might be left wondering what to do with that little thread tail.

There are several ways of dealing with it, I recommend looking at your manual and seeing what option you like best. My favorite way is to take a big fat needle (a yarn needle or