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7 Newbie Seller Mistakes

Starting a handmade business is daunting, exhausting, and confusing. You’re bound to make mistakes (and that’s okay!). But here are 7 common pitfalls you can try to avoid.

1. You listen to the people that say your prices are too high.

There will always be someone that wants it for cheaper… if you price based


Crafty Business Advice: Make your handmade goods truly unique.

I’ve read your article about pricing, and while I love the theory of pricing based on labor and I agree that my skills should be at least $20 or more, who in the world would pay $60 for a little scarf just because it’s handmade?

Take a look at Etsy and there


The Jayne Cobb hat debacle

If you’re a knitter, a maker, or a Firefly fan, chances are you’ve heard about Fox’s mass take-down of all unlicensed Jayne Cobb hats from various handmade selling venues. The argument I keep hearing over and over against this action is that a hat is a useful article and useful articles can’t be copyrighted. And


Is it legal to mention the brand name of a yarn in my shop listing?

Today’s Crafty Business Advice Question comes from Heather.

I was wondering: Is it legal to mention the brand name of a yarn used when selling an original knitted design? Does this involve copyright law? I hope I am not doing anything wrong in mentioning the brand name along with fiber content of a yarn used.


5 Tips to Keep Your Shipping Costs Low

With the cost of shipping increasing every year like clockwork, you’re probably looking for ways to get a little thrifty. Here are my five tips to keep your shipping costs low:

1. Up with the Envelope! Down with the Box!Obviously there are instances when this simply won’t work. If you’re shipping large or fragile goods,


Shop Owners: Take note of the January 27th shipping increases

It’s January, which is starting to become synonymous with postage increases. If you use USPS to ship, you’ll want to pay close attention.

Prices are going up January 27th, and the increases are not small particularly for international rates. So make sure you get the shipping prices for your shop updated before January 27th!



Setting Goals for your Handmade Business

It’s the time of year when everyone takes a look back at the past year and asks themselves, “What can I do better?”

And while it’s natural (and good) to make your business goals part of that, it’s equally important to make sure the goals are reasonable. Setting unreasonable goals for yourself is a


7 Common Myths of Pricing Handmade Goods

There are a lot of myths floating around out there about pricing. These myths cause pitfalls many an artist and crafter (newb and seasoned alike) have fallen into when pricing their wares. I am here to vanquish these fell beasts!

Chimaera original illustration by Calef Brown

Myth #1 – You should only be compensated


6 Truths About Promoting Your Handmade Shop

Handmade businesses are like sharks. We have to keep swimming, or we die. Swimming in our case is promoting.

And believe me, I know you hate it. We all hate it. But at the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious: if no one knows your business is out there, they can’t buy your product.



5 Rules for Custom Orders To Craft By

I’ve been doing custom work pretty much since the beginning of selling my clothing online, and I’ve learned a lot over that time. Mostly I’ve learned The Hard Way.

Accumulated through years of mistakes and missteps, here are a handful of rules to live by if you offer custom work:

1. Always require payment