Get Your Craft On

Looking for a Serger?

Please take this Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 905 off my hands. It’s in mint condition, I’ve literally used it 3 times. I intended to replace my ginormous Huskylock 936 with it, but when it came time, I couldn’t part with my 936 and it’s bells and whistles.

I’d keep the 905 because it’s just as much


Free Swatch Day!

It’s Free Swatch Day at! Now’s your chance to get a sample of your very own custom fabric! Or one of the thousands of awesome designs submitted by other Spoonflower users!

I couldn’t resist designing my own last year (look familiar?)

This year I’m just too busy with custom orders to design my


Fabric fabric fabric! is having one of their crazy sales again. Evil!

And they have lots of awesome prints:





Get 15% off orders $50-99.99 with coupon code: ZIP15 Get 20% off orders $100-149.99 with coupon code: BANG20 Get 25% off orders $150 and up with coupon code: POW25


Get your fabric fix

I was browsing Ebay this morning, looking for some fabric for a custom dress, and I found some great new sources for knit and stretch fabrics that I didn’t have on the Fabric Suppliers list.

Check them out!

Fabric By The Roll – By the roll and by the yard, nice selection of knit solids.


Get a free custom fabric swatch!

I’ve been wanting to try Spoonflower’s custom fabric printing service forever, but I’ve never really had the balls to do it because it is a bit expensive. (Believe me, it’s the only real way for us small business folk to get our hands on custom fabric, short of printing/stamping/etc it ourselves. I’ve looked. In other


Radical Prints has some awesome- and I do mean awesome, in the most 90’s sense of the word- prints up right now. Neon, leopard print, paint splatter… ahhh, it brings back memories of my youth. Tubular!

Before you go stockpiling this radness, don’t forget your coupons!

20% off entire order – ANNV1 or THX104

15% off


Supply Junkies, BEWARE!!

This is just a sampling of some of the awesome new knit prints just in at!

And you know I wouldn’t leave you hanging without a coupon. I’ve included more than one in case you’re a hopeless fabric fiend like me and have already used most of them…

30% off $50 or more: 3PLTRY9

CONTINUE READING… coupons… again!

Those evil fabric pushers at are at it again!

Here I was, minding my own business, when I found myself buying MORE fabric! I just can’t contain myself, I guess.

In my own defense, part of my order was for making high efficiency curtains for our house (tutorial to come!), which will save us


Attention Reconstructionistas!

Hot Topic is having one of their ridonkulous 50% off clearance sales!

This is a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite band/movie/tv tees for reconning for SUPER cheap. We’re taking WAY below even wholesale prices in a lot of cases.



Fabric Junkies Alert!

I don’t deny it. I don’t even try to hide it.

I am a bonafide fabric junkie.

I’ve probably got enough fabric in my stash to fuel a small sweatshop for a year, but that doesn’t stop me from buying more. And more. AND MORE.

And I know I’m not alone, so here I am