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How To Sew a Circle Skirt – DIY Fashion Tutorial

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: a circle skirt tutorial that has the math already done for you! Download my FREE circle skirt template, and you’re ready to go!

For detailed instructions, watch my video tutorial here:

I tried to address all the questions you guys have asked about


How to Make a Retro Holiday Ornament out of Duck Tape – Duck the Halls Tutorial

This post brought to you by Duck Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck® Brand tape comes in so many festive prints and colors- polka dots, metallics, candy cane stripes, snowmen… it’s the perfect material for handmade holiday decorations!

Check out these decorations I made out of tape:

All of the ornaments


How to Make Metallic Leaf Jewelry – DIY Polymer Clay Tutorial

I’m super excited to share this tutorial from Fracmatic for making a pair of earrings (or a necklace, charm bracelet, keychain… the choice is yours!) out of polymer clay. This is a perfect project for fall, and I love the idea of using eyeshadow to color the clay!

Guest Tutorial by Fracmatic



How To Crochet a Chain Stitch – DIY Video Tutorial

Check out this great video tutorial my awesome friend Manda posted for crocheting a chain! I think it’s time for me to dust off my hook and yarn!

How To Create Patchwork Wall Art – DIY Decorating Tutorial

Guest tutorial by: Sarah

Hey there, fellow sewists! I’m Sarah and like many of us, I learned to sew via the internet and have been hooked ever since. I work with Sewing Parts Online to provide free sewing articles and free Presser Feet Video Tutorials for the sewing community. We provide a wide range of


Cut it out!

It’s not really Spring yet, but it’s Spring-ish here in Michigan, and I’ve got cabin fever. Cabin fever always makes me want to try something new, and somehow I stumbled upon the art of paper cutting, and I’m smitten. (Obsessed might be a better word.)

So obsessed was I that I hadn’t even done a


How to Sew Ruffle Butt Undies – DIY Fashion Tutorial with video

I finally got this tutorial uploaded to Youtube without problems. YAY!

This two part tutorial will show you how to make a damn cute pair of ruffle butt underwear. (Or plain butt underwear if you’re not feeling ruffly. But ruffles are fun, so don’t neglect the ruffles.)

Thank you to for providing the


How to Crochet a Chain – DIY Crochet Tutorial

by Stacey Trock

Hi there! Today, we’re going to crochet! Never crocheted before? Don’t worry! This tutorial is written for total crochet-newbies, and by the end of this post, you’ll be crocheting chains that you can use as necklaces, headbands… or whatever else you imagination comes up with!

Getting Started

To get started crocheting, grab


Tutorial: Photographic printing with Inkodyes

The wonderful people at Inkodye have shared yet another fabulous tutorial with us.

Using their sun-exposed dyes, they use film negatives to do photo printing on a ribbon! It’s kind of like reverse-screenprinting, but so much easier than messing with screens and emulsions. You could easily do this on a larger scale by printing a


Tutorial: Lace Lampshade

by: inkodye

This project is shockingly simple, yet produces really beautiful and unique results. We were able to transfer the pattern of lace onto our lampshade by using the photographic property of Inkodye. It’s like magic! The lamp we used was found at Ikea for $15, but any cotton or linen lampshade will work perfectly.