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How to Sew a Slipcover, Part 3 – DIY Home Decor Tutorial

Homestretch, dudes and dudettes!

If you need them, here are links to Part 1 and Part 2 of this tutorial.

Step 1

Now that you have all your muslin pattern pieces traced and cut out of your Real Live Slipcover fabric, sew it together! Match up the guide lines you’ve marked and Do It To


How to Sew a Slipcover, Part 2 – DIY Home Decor Tutorial

Part 2, FINALLY!

I know, I move at turtle speed sometimes.

Part 1 is here if you need it.

So let’s get started. Here’s my naked couch, stripped of all it’s cushiony goodness. (It seems weird that this is the first photo of the actual couch I’ve posted. Kinda dumb, in hindsight.)

The couch.


How to Design and Sew a Slipcover, Part 1 – DIY Home Decor Tutorial

So you’ve got a perfectly comfortable, functional couch… it just looks like hell. With a custom made slipcover, no one will know what evil is lurking underneath all that handmade awesomeness!

We scored a couch, loveseat, and chair set at a secondhand furniture store when we first moved in. The upside is that it’s the


How to Sew a Keyhole Opening – DIY Fashion Tutorial

This tutorial shows a keyhole in the front neckline of a top, but you can use the same technique for the front or back of a top or dress. You can also use it on bags, pockets, and more!

top by


Step 1

I’m starting with a


How to Make a Surplice or Cross-over Bust Tank Top – DIY Fashion Tutorial

This little twist on a tube top is the perfect way to revamp a big t-shirt.

dress by


Step 1

Start out with your large-ish tee.

Mark like so.

The larger piece should have a top measurement to match under your bust. Grab a tape measure and measure right under