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How to Make a Pixie Skirt – DiY Fashion Tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial for how to sew a pixie skirt, also known as a handkerchief hem or a square circle skirt. If you already know how to make a circle skirt, this one is even easier!

This version features a different waistband style from my original circle skirt tutorial, which is


How To Make a Zipper Pouch – DiY Sewing Tutorial

This is a nice, quick tutorial for beginners and pros alike! Not only are zipper pouches easy to make, but they’re practical as well. They make great little clutch purses, or make up bags, or storage for art supplies (or whatever else you want to use them for)!

Click below to watch a video


How to Make a Half Apron – DiY Fashion Tutorial

This is my step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make a half apron using the free Mini Apron add-on pattern from my shop.

It’s a quick and easy project- great for beginners- and aprons make great gifts!

You might also want to grab the free pocket pattern or one of the


How To Sew a Circle Skirt – DIY Fashion Tutorial

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: a circle skirt tutorial that has the math already done for you! Download my FREE circle skirt template, and you’re ready to go!

For detailed instructions, watch my video tutorial here:

I tried to address all the questions you guys have asked about


How to Resize a T-shirt – DIY Fashion Tutorial with Video

Do you have a closet full of rad shirts, but you never wear them because they’re 10 sizes too big? Never again!

Here’s my new video tutorial that shows you how to take a gargantuan shirt and make it fit like a glove.

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How to Sew an Invisible Zipper – DIY Fashion Tutorial with video

Here’s a new video tutorial for inserting an invisible zipper… and the best part is that you don’t need an invisible zipper foot! The package will say you do, but I say, “RULES! BAH! WHO NEEDS RULES?”

Invisible/hidden zippers are great for evening wear or any garment with delicate sensibilities that may be offended by


How to Sew Fabric Appliques – DIY Fashion Tutorial with video

Here’s my video tutorial for fabric appliques / patches. Appliques are a great way to embellish or customize a project. You can add them to bags, clothes, Xmas stockings, and more. Appliqued handmade goods make great gifts because you can tailor each one for the recipient!

If you scroll down, there’s also a photo tutorial


How to Add a Collar to a T-shirt – DIY Fashion Tutorial with video

I finally posted a new video tutorial! This one shows my No-Measuring (Cheater) Method for finishing the neckline of a t-shirt!

This tutorial was filmed using a Creative Labs Vado HD Digital Video Camera, a Canon Rebel (for still shots), and edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio.


How To Make a Square Bottom Bag – DIY Fashion Tutorial with video

As promised, the very first WhatTheCraft video tutorial is here!

Check it out for step by step instructions for making a square bottom bag.

And while you’re at it, go subscribe to my YouTube channel! There are lots more tutorials to come (including applique, inserting snaps,


How to Turn a Regular T-shirt into a Henley Tee – DIY Fashion Tutorial

This is a quick way to give a plain tee or tank a little upgrade! The best part is, you don’t have to screw around with buttonholes because that part has been done for you already!

If you’re looking at me funny and wondering WTF a henley shirt is, it’s a shirt with a partial