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How to Sew a Hood – DiY Sewing Tutorial

You can use this method for making a hooded shirt from scratch or for reconstructing an existing shirt.

If you are making your own pattern on the fly, I’d suggest finding a hoodie and tracing the hood, making sure to add a seam allowance. You may need to alter the hood to fit the top you want to sew it to- just remember that the bottom edge of the hood should be the same length as the measurement around the neck hole.

Zip up hoodie by



Step 1

Your hood pieces should be sewn together before you start, and the edges finished. You can hem the edge or trim it with contrasting fabric or lace.

You can also line your hood. Cut two pieces of lining fabric the same shape as your hood. Sew the lining together. Then sew the lining to the hood, right sides together. Don’t sew the “neckline” edge of the hood and lining together. Leave that edge open so you can turn the pieces right side out, and then baste along the neckline before sewing the hood to your shirt.hood


Your two pieces here are 1. the hood and 2. the nearly finished top. mark the center of the bottom of the hood (green dot). Mark the back center of the neckhole of the top (green dot).

The front edges of the neckhole of the top have been marked with yellow and pink dots and the corresponding spots on the hood are marked as well.


Step 1

Step 2

Match these points up. The hood should be folded around the shirt, with the outside of the hood facing the outside of the shirt.


Step 2

Step 3

Start sewing at one end of the neckhole, and sew until you’ve reached the other side.


Step 3

You’re done! This is what it looks like with the top opened up.



This tutorial was for a hoodie with a zip front, but the process of attaching a hood to a top without a zip is pretty much the same. Just overlap the two edges of the hood a little to get continous coverage all the way around the neck.


Finished hoodie, hurray!

14 comments to How to Sew a Hood – DiY Sewing Tutorial

  • G466y

    I want that Leftover Crack hoodie!!! <3 thanks for the tutorial :]

  • Nonda Kendrick

    I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how I could adapt a pattern I have. I am making a henley shirt and want to add a hood to it. If it helps its this pattern here : I’m going to do look “d” but don’t really know what the best way would be to add the hood on. Any suggestions? BTW, I used your tutorial twice today to add a hood onto a couple of my daughters shirts! Awesome job! :)

    • Lex

      Hi Nonda! I would make the shirt as is, but skip finishing the neckline. Sew the button placket portion, but leave the rest of the neckline unfinished and then add the hood instead of the contrast trim.

  • laura

    hi lex,

    my name is laura and i just want to tell you that i think you are super cool…really! thanks for all the incredibly helpful tutorials you’ve made. i haven’t been sewing for very long and i can use all the help i can get! well, thanks again and keep making those tutorials…you’re cool!

  • Travis

    I’ve been trying to replicate the hood on arrow, it’s kinda a crude design but i really like it; any advice for a upper-torso/hood attachment?

  • Joy

    Thanks for your quick tutorial. I’m making a ghost costume for my two boys and needed a visual and some guidance about the hood part. I appreciate you taking the time to make this available.

  • marie

    thank you !
    I like have pictures to look at
    I am adding a hood to an over sized t shirt
    that I am turning into a light jacket

  • Emily

    Hey this is a great hood idea! I am trying to make a Totoro hoodie where the hood pulls over my face like a mask, but not tight like most mask hoodies you can buy in stores. Any suggestions?

    • Lex

      I would put the hood on and do some measuring: how wide does it need to be to reach from one side of the hood to the other, and how long does it need to be to cover your face (depending on what you’re going for).
      Use those measurements to cut a half circle (or half oval might work better) of scrap fabric that you can then pin to the hood to test out.
      Then you can work on figuring out where you need the eye holes, etc. Use the scrap fabric as a pattern for the real fabric.

  • Kathy

    I am making a bat costume for my grandson and warn it to be more shaped to the head. Any suggestions

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