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Loft 415 Clothing

A few weeks ago I snagged 3 awesome tops from the awesomely talented Hope of Loft 415. If her shop looks familiar but the name doesn’t ring a bell, she used to go by Label of Hope.

I’ve been a fan of Hope since her Ebay days, and one of the things I’ve always admired about Hope’s style is that she seems to effortlessly blend wear-ability and elegance. (I almost wrote elegant-ness.)

When the tops arrived, I almost didn’t know what to do with them. Real grown up clothing!

Because, you know, everyone assumes, “Hey, you’re a fashion designer, I bet your closet is amazing.” But the truth is I almost never ever make stuff for myself. Usually once a year on my birthday I sit down and sew for myself, and now let’s all stop and ponder how sad it is that I’m sitting at the sewing machine ON MY BIRTHDAY.

(Plus I don’t know if you can call any of my stuff “grown up”. Sometimes I think the 5-year-old Me that was obsessed with sequined granny sweaters is the one making all of the design decisions for SmarmyClothes.)

On a daily basis, I tend to dress like I did in 7th grade.  Today for example I’m wearing a pair of jeans with a giant hole in the knee and a novelty Halloween shirt that’s printed to look like a mummy’s wrap. Très chic.

But hey, I’m gonna shut up now and show you the swanky duds.

This is my favorite of the three, perhaps because it’s the further from what I normally wear. It’s pink! And pretty! There are no soup stains on it!


There’s this awesome little lace detail on the sleeve!


This blue one has all this stitching detail. I love how this one and the pink one are tone-on-tone. They each have about 5 different fabrics mixed together, but it looks so RIGHT. When I mix fabrics I tend to get a little carried away and go, “Neon pink? Now I think we need some acid green! And fluorescent orange!” (Subtlety is not my strong suit.)


This one I’m calling my nerdy secretary shirt. I need some glasses, stat!


Royal blue and burgundy? I never would have thought to put those together, but they look so perfect!

Check out the Loft 415 shop here.

And give it a LIKE on Facebook here!

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