How To Make a Zipper Pouch – DiY Sewing Tutorial

This is a nice, quick tutorial for beginners and pros alike! Not only are zipper pouches easy to make, but they’re practical as well. They make great little clutch purses, or make up bags, or storage for art supplies (or whatever else you want to use them for)!


Click below to watch a video version of the tutorial, or keep scrolling for a photo/text tutorial.


Here we go!


Step 1

Step 1
Collect your materials. You’ll need an outer fabric and a lining fabric, plus a zipper. I’m also adding a wristlet strap, but you could customize yours in lots of ways. You could add a keyring or swivel hook on the end of the strap, or you could skip the strap. Add a pocket or handles. Go crazy! You can also play with the size and dimensions.

The dimensions I used are as follows (and incidentally fit my Nook quite nicely):

  • cut two outer fabric rectangles 9.5″ wide and 6.5″ long
  • cut two lining fabric rectangles 9.5″ wide and 6.5″ long
  • cut one outer fabric strap rectangle 12″ wide and 3″ long
  • the zipper should be at least 3 inches longer than the width of the bag (so in my case, 13″ or longer)

I have interfaced my outer fabric, but only because it’s a stretch fabric, and I really don’t want it to stretch. Otherwise, interfacing is optional! Read more ›

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How to Make a Half Apron – DiY Fashion Tutorial

This is my step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make a half apron using the free Mini Apron add-on pattern from my shop.


It’s a quick and easy project- great for beginners- and aprons make great gifts!


You might also want to grab the free pocket pattern or one of the free applique patterns while you’re at it!

 I have both a video tutorial and a text/photo tutorial for this project.

apronvidContinue for the text/photo version of the tutorial.

Read more ›

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How to Make a Tie Back Halter Top – No Sew Clothing Tutorial

This is a super quick project for turning a t-shirt from crummy to kick-ass! Works best with a t-shirt that’s a little big (or really big) on you.

halter3This tutorial is great for beginners because it requires no sewing!  All you really need is a sharp pair of scissors, an old tee, and about 15 minutes!


You’ll need:

  • A t-shirt that’s too big for you or approximately 1 yard of stretch/knit fabric
  • Sharp scissors

Click below to start the video!


This tutorial was filmed using a Creative Labs Vado HD Digital Video Camera, a Canon Rebel (for still shots), and edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

If you’d prefer a text tutorial with diagrams, continue reading below!

Step 1

Step 1

Step 1
Get yourself a t-shirt and some scissors!
A t-shirt that’s at least a hair too big on you works best. Larger will also work, of course.
Get out all the wrinkles and make sure it’s laying nice and flat on your work surface. Read more ›

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How to Make a Trompe l’Oeil Baby Tee – DIY Fashion Tutorial

I’ve always loved trompe-l’œil (which means “deceive the eye” in French). I love things that look like other things: tuxedo shirts and bookcases that are secretly doors and paintings that look like windows to a secret garden.

Here is a project I made as a baby shower gift for an old friend of mine. We have an old joke between us about Junior Park Rangers, and I felt that it was imperative for the future generations of Junior Park Rangers that we get this baby started young.

At first I considered trying to make an actual Ranger outfit, but baby clothes kind of freak me out. They are SO SMALL. So then I thought about embellishing a t-shirt. I can do that.

Of course, you can adapt the trompe-l’oeil thing to fit any theme. Baby’s first tuxedo! Baby’s first prison jumpsuit! Baby’s first motorcycle jacket!

tromp_loeil_baby_tee_faux_tutorialDon’t think you’re limited to just baby tees. The same process would work just as well on a onesie, or even on adult clothing!

And while I chose to use freehand machine embroidery, you could easily adapt this project for hand embroidery. Not a thread person? Make a no-sew version with fabric markers or fabric paint!

Step 1

Step 1

Step 1
Gather your supplies. In my case:

  • baby tee
  • dissolving fabric marker
  • sewing machine
  • thread (I used regular all-purpose sewing machine thread, but you may want to try a nice machine embroidery thread)

Read more ›

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Free Mini Apron Pattern in the Shop!

I’ve just added a new free pattern to the shop. It’s a mini apron add on for the Vintage Style Apron pattern. You’ll need to purchase (or have already purchased) the Vintage Style Apron if you want to use it as shown in the example below.


However, as a bonus, I’ve also put together a stand-alone tutorial for a half apron, which only requires the FREE mini apron portion of the pattern.

how_to_make_half_apronHappy Sewing!

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