DiY a Weaving Loom with Cardboard and Bamboo

Let’s take a moment to talk about MacGyvering. If you’re a child of the 80’s like me, then this term probably requires little explanation.

For everyone else, allow me to elaborate.

Have you ever been in a pickle (and I don’t mean literally inside of a pickle, that would just be weird. And briny.), and your solution involved toothpicks, duct tape, and clothes pins?

Then you, my friend, have MacGyvered.

And I think you’ll agree with me when I say that there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes from really MacGyvering the crap out of a problem. I’ve got a drinking straw on the thread holder of my sewing machine- it keeps the taller spools from toppling off the holder. Every time that bright pink plastic tube catches my eye, a tidal wave of pride washes over me. A drinking straw! On a sewing machine!

Hot damn, I’m one clever S.O.B.!

So I’d like to share with you what I consider to be a solid gold act of MacGyvering: a weaving loom made of nothing but cardboard and bamboo, and which requires a single construction tool: a pair of scissors.

Head on over to susaweaving to see the full instructions for MacGuyvering your own loom!

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The winners are…

Stephani, Janina, Krista, Mystique, and Sheila are the winners of the pattern giveaway!

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Ring around the rosie

Two of my favorite flowers are blooming right now: lupine and columbine.


Lupines always reminded me of popsicles when I was a kid. I think it’s the bomb pop-esque shape. Damn it. Now I really want a bomb pop.

I started both of these plants as seeds in my first Winter Sowing experiment a few years ago. I didn’t get any blooms the first year, as expected. Last year, the columbines bloomed almost all summer, but the lupines looked like such pathetic weaklings, I’d pretty much written them off. I think I got three scrawny blooms between four plants.

But this year?

lupine2It’s lupine madness. One plant has about a dozen blooms on it!

(I also learned an interesting lesson today: cold camera that was in the basement studio + steamy outdoor air after a rain = foggy lens. It looks like it’s misty outside in that picture, but it’s actually just condensation on the lens. I had to clear it off about 20 times while I was taking photos!)

columbineHere are my columbines. The seeds were from a mix, so I had no idea what color the blooms would be when I planted them… I just happened to get lucky and these four I planted together all came up in shades of pink. Bonus!

I think I missed my call when it comes to botany… I could look at garden crap on Pinterest all day long. Not to mention spend a fortune on seeds and plants. Read more ›

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What the deuce?

I’ve just finished making the site more “mobile friendly,” and I think I’ve finally ironed out all the wrinkles.

Get it?




Anyway, if you notice anything that looks a little wonky, please let me know – you can either comment on this post or send an email to what.the.craft [at]

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