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Do you have a super kickass tutorial, tip, technique or an article or review you’d like to share with WhatTheCraft readers?  We’d love to see it!

Email Alexis at what.the.craft [at] with a link to the awesomeness!


If you have an original tutorial that you have not yet published on the internet, we’ll trade you advertising space for your shop/blog/etc. for the right to publish the tutorial exclusively for 1 month!

Some submission guidelines:

  • We prefer in depth tutorials for a specific technique. (Example: We’d prefer a step-by-step tutorial for making a sculpture out of a recycled toilet paper tube versus “10 things you can do with a toilet paper tube”.)
  • We prefer tutorials or articles that include photos or drawings to accompany the written instructions/content.
  • We prefer exclusive content: i.e., that your tutorial or article has not been previously published on the internet. (To be clear… if you posted it on your blog, then it’s not exclusive!)
  • We are open to all crafting mediums- sewing, knitting, felting, decoupage, macrame, dyeing, jewelry, etc.!

Please email Alexis at what.the.craft [at] with the following information:

  1. A brief summary of your idea.
  2. Is the article/tutorial complete, partially complete, or not yet started?
  3. Have you already posted or shared the article/tutorial somewhere else on the internet?
    If not, are you willing to allow WhatTheCraft to post your article/tutorial exclusively for 1 month?

We are willing to offer advertising space on as payment for exclusive content. The length of the content will determine the amount of advertising.

If you do offer exclusive content, we ask that it remain exclusive to WhatTheCraft for one month following it’s publication. After that, you are free to share your tutorial/article elsewhere as you see fit.

And of course, you are still welcome to submit tutorials that you’ve already shared elsewhere on the internet.

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