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How to Sew a Ruffle Scarf – DiY Gift Tutorial

This scarf is great because it’s easy, quick, and inexpensive to make!

I’m using fleece, but if you’re feeling ballsy, try it with a lighter weight fabric, like jersey knit.

This tutorial works best if you have a serger, but it can be done without one, your results will just be slightly different.

You’ll need


How to Sew Fabric Appliques – DIY Fashion Tutorial with video

Here’s my video tutorial for fabric appliques / patches. Appliques are a great way to embellish or customize a project. You can add them to bags, clothes, Xmas stockings, and more. Appliqued handmade goods make great gifts because you can tailor each one for the recipient!

If you scroll down, there’s also a photo tutorial


How to Crochet a Chain – DIY Crochet Tutorial

by Stacey Trock

Hi there! Today, we’re going to crochet! Never crocheted before? Don’t worry! This tutorial is written for total crochet-newbies, and by the end of this post, you’ll be crocheting chains that you can use as necklaces, headbands… or whatever else you imagination comes up with!

Getting Started

To get started crocheting, grab


WhatTheCraft Handmade Giveaway – MTCoffinz accessory set

This week’s WhatTheCraft Giveaway is sponsored by Jinx of MTcoffinz, AKA the Ninja TutuBot. She’s giving one lucky winner a trio of embroidered goodies – a fleece scarf, armwarmers, and a headband!


WhatTheCraft Handmade Giveaway – SewBitchy Wallet

I’m kicking off what will no doubt be a favorite feature around here… the WhatTheCraft Handmade Giveaways!

Everyone loves free stuff… they love it even more when it’s AWESOME free stuff. If you really want to get excited, then consider we’re talking awesome HANDMADE free stuff!

So ladies and gentleman, start your engines… the fabulous