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Tutorial: Upcycled T-shirt Rug

If you have a mountain of t-shirt scraps like me, and you hate throwing said scraps away (also me), then you’re probably always on the look-out for projects that use those scraps. This rug tutorial from Family Fun is just that.

I’ve seen other t-shirt rugs and t-shirt rug tutorials (most of which involved crocheting, which I don’t really know how to do), but this is definitely the coolest one I’ve seen. Using a hula hoop as a frame, the t-shirts are woven together. No sewing, knitting, or crocheting. Anyone with a hula hoop and some t-shirt scraps can do it!

I’ve stopped buying textile rugs because my cat has some sort of Rug Radar when he pukes. Plus, they’re a pain to keep clean. But I think one of these t-shirt rugs would make a perfect bath mat. Plus, once the rug gets funky, you can toss it out and make a new one!

Click here for the full tutorial.

2 comments to Tutorial: Upcycled T-shirt Rug

  • steve

    thank you for sharing the rug craft project. my daughter and i will enjoy doing this when i have enough fabric scraps again.
    i also use the scraps (as fill) when i make (washable and not too thick) cat beds — often to cover something that the cats love to sleep on but is intended for another function: rolled up fabric place mats, towels, anything that can collect hair.

    btw — a good way to keep cats from vomiting on your rugs is to get carpeting. they will very courteously stand on the rug and vomit off the edge.

  • Thanks for sharing, nice post…

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