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Woven clothing labels + a cheap trick

When I got my bachelor’s degree (unrelated to sewing, ha), my mom bought me my first batch of woven labels for SmarmyClothes. They were quite spiffy, especially compared to the super simple iron-on labels I had made myself.

labels all packed up

I ordered a second batch of the same labels from the same company a few years ago. Last month I noticed I was down to my last 17 labels! I’d been half-looking at replacement labels for a while, having decided that the woven labels were perhaps a little too expensive for something someone might just cut out of the garment once they got it. It got kind of dire when I realized I had less than twenty left.

I decided on making my own with some printable fabric. I bought the printable fabric. Then I realized I need new cartridges for my color printer (I generally use my b+w laser printer for everything) and it’s going to cost me SIXTY BUCKS for new cartridges.

$60 + $19 for the fabric sheets (this doesn’t include shipping, mind you) = $79

I figured I could get about 420 labels out of this package of 6 fabric sheets. That works out to about 19 cents a piece. Not too shabby compared to the woven labels I bought before, which worked out to 33 cents a piece.

Then I found Fancy Weaver on Etsy. 600 woven labels, huge range of sizes, 8 colors for the same price as what I was going to get for making them myself?!?!?!  I was sold.

cut and uncut label

So here’s my cheap trick:

The size range for the labels is 10-38mm width (about 3/8″ to 1 1/4″) and 10-100mm length (about 3/8″ to 4″). I wanted mine to be about 1 1/4″ width and 1 1/2″ length… then I realized I can just order two labels on one and cut/seal that edge myself and get 1200 labels for the price of 600. And I get two different designs. Score!

AngryGirlGear gave me the genius suggestion that I should design the labels so the top edge of each label would be the edge I was cutting. That way, I won’t have to seal that edge if I sew it into the seam of the finished garment.

my old label next to the two new labels

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