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How to Sew an Infinity Scarf – DiY Fashion Tutorial

Happy New Year, sewing mofos!

This step-by-step tutorial is perfect for both beginners and seasoned seamsters, and it makes an especially good project for that new serger Santa brought you. (But a regular sewing machine is also perfectly suitable.) 

– – – > Click here to watch the video < – – –

It’s a scarf, and it goes on and on and on to infinity and beyond! Try out different sizes (little scarf, big scarf, fat scarf, skinny scarf!) or different fabrics (knit! chiffon! fleece!). There are no wrong answers here. Dare I say it? GET WACKY.

The green scarf above is made using a slinky rayon knit. Here are some more fabric examples:

Skull scarf in polyester organza

Starry Night scarf in heavy cotton interlock knit

Only wrap it halfway, and you’ve got a hood + scarf in one! A Scood! A Harf! A Scahoof?

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How to Make a Christmas Tree in a Vase – Holiday Decorating Tutorial

Deck the halls with random evergreen branches from that mystery bush in your yard! This Christmas-tree-in-a-vase is perfect for small spaces. Add some lights and some shiny balls, and you’re in business.

– – – > Click here to watch the video < – – –

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How to Plant an Amaryllis PLUS Faux Aged Terra Cotta Pots – DiY Holiday Gift Tutorial

Who doesn’t love pretty flowers? NO ONE, that’s who. That’s why this tutorial for a faux aged pot planted with an amaryllis bulb would make an excellent holiday gift! Not too spendy, either:


howtoplant– – – > Watch the video here < – – –

1 amaryllis bulb … $10-15
1 bag of potting mix … $4
terra cotta pot with saucer … $3
craft paint … $1

TOTAL … $18-23

Big honkin’ pretty flowers that bloom for weeks when it’s all gross and wintery outside … PRICELESS

(P.S. I always get my bulbs from easytogrowbulbs.com.)

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How to Make a Crossbody Mini Bag – Sewing Tutorial

This step-by-step DiY tutorial will show you how to make a perfect bag for when you don’t want to haul around a clunky purse. It’s wee, it’s got a nice long strap… plus lots of pockets to fit your crap. (Hey, that rhymed!)


>>> click here for the video tutorial <<<

As usual, you can adapt this bag to fit your needs – make it bigger smaller, longer or shorter strap, more pockets, less pockets…. You know what I say: get wacky.


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How to Use a Serger – Sewing Tutorial

In this video, I’ll demonstrate some basic serger tips and tricks on the Reliable Dreamstitcher 787.

Learn how to thread a serger the “cheater” way!
Discover the secret to hiding your thread tails!
Unlock countless mysteries of the sewing universe!

And the big question: would I recommend the Dreamstitcher 787 to a friend? Read more ›

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