A Quick Update

Here’s a quick peek at some new designs, while a take a wee break from the never ending flood of custom orders I swimming in right now.

This is a version of my Yvonne swing dress in a new fabric!

And then a version of my Greaser Girl dress in black satin!

This pop-art inspired Mario Bros. top was one of a kind:

This Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie was based on an old design that I revamped:

To the batcave! Another old-design-made-new:


I wish the fabric on this dress was candy so I could EAT IT:


And lastly, I added some custom leggings to the shop!



I have some new designs in store that I’m really excited to finally release. So stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. I LOVE you clothing line please make more if possible! You like everything I do like batman and jack skellingtion, and more

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