How to Make a Dry Erase Calendar with a Picture frame – DIY Home Decor Tutorial

Do It Gurl! from posted this cute tutorial for making a calendar from a picture frame, and I just happen to be in desperate need of a calendar!

Check out the tutorial here:

This project would make  a great diy handmade gift- especially for a new graduate!

I started with an 8×10″ picture frame. I got a free calendar template from the internet, sized it to be 8″ x 10″, and printed it out.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have an Alice in Wonderland theme in my office, so I decided to make some Alice themed Shrinky Dinks to decorate my frame. I printed out some of the original Tenniel illustrations to trace onto my ‘dinks.


Trace your image onto your Shrinky Dinks using colored pencils or Sharpies, cut, and shrink! A black fine point Sharpie is very handy for doing outlines.

Usually, I’d probably use hot glue because it sets so quickly, but I was too impatient to wait for the gun to heat up, so I used some Beacon Craft Glue.

Write in the month and dates with a dry erase marker, and you’re ready to start scheduling like a boss!

Tip: If you do a lot of erasing and are sick of losing the month and dates when you erase, you can write them in with permanent marker. When the month is over and it’s time to start fresh, just clean the glass with rubbing alcohol to remove the permanent marker!


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  1. Ladi Adra says:

    Kudos. . .great idea!!

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