Garden Diary Part 1

Last time I started a vegetable garden was 3 years ago. Despite planting about 25 different kinds of vegetables, all I got were some carrots, lettuce and swiss chard. Not because I have a black thumb, but because the deer, rabbits, woodchucks, and raccoons with access to our yard decided my garden was their own personal buffet.

After thorough research, I found the only thing likely to keep all of those beasts out of my garden was a fence. A tall fence, because deer can jump.
Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far.

March 15th – Ordered seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. If I’m going to go to the trouble of growing my own food, I want crazy stuff I can’t find at the store. Like purple carrots. I grew them last time and they were indeed purple, and very tasty.

Last time I went crazy and bought about $100 worth of seeds. This time I limited myself to a few things that I really really want (like sweet corn and tomatoes).


March 28-30th – I used stakes and twine to mark where my fence will go, and then started clearing the area of the weeds and small trees that had taken over since I last used that part of the yard. Mostly wild blackberry bushes, which are, aside from poison ivy and stinging nettles, the most vile plant I’ve ever come in contact with. I’d already spent two summers clearing the area of thistle. I learned this lesson the hard way: cleared yard doesn’t stay clear. Once you get rid of one weed, another will take it’s place.
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body modification for pumpkins

I came across this post at Craftster a few years ago, and I’ve been dying to try it ever since. Now that I’ve got a garden, I can!
scarification pumpkinUnfortunately, having a garden does not necessarily mean you will grow things. In my case, my flowers did okay, but my vegetable garden was a big, fat failure. Of the dozen or so veggies I planted (corn, cauliflower, carrots, zuchini, watermelon, etc.), I got 3 pea pods and a handful of lettuce.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I noticed, not one, but TWO large pumpkins in my backyard! And then not one, but TWO birdhouse gourds! Hurrah!

I planted 2 kinds of pumpkins, Sweet Something-or-others meant for pie making, and Big Fatties (or something large sounding) for carving. I have no idea what kind I’ve got. They do look a little different, so I’m hoping I’ve got one of each and hopefully more on the way.

I’m definitely trying the pumpkin scarring technique on one of them. I’m really excited to try it. Compared to carving, it seems like this would open up a lot of possibilities as far as the amount of detail in the design.

I will be sure to post the results. It would have been cool to try it on the birdhouse gourds, too, but I picked them already. If I get anymore, I will definitely try it and see what happens!