Welcome to the WhatTheCraft Blog, where I’ll be bloggity-blogging about crafts, sewing, cooking, and other diy endeavors.

My current project is an embroidered belt pouch for my brother’s birthday/going-away-to-China gift. I’m totally an amateur embroider-ist… I’ve done 2 or 3 other embroidery project before this one, and I’ve had zero instruction. So I only really use one stitch and they’re not that neat, but it’s turning out okay. I actually need to finish up tonight because I’m giving it to him tomorrow.

In addition to improving my needleworking skillz (cross stitch seems like it’d be fun to learn, also), I want to start doing glass and tile mosaics.

wonder woman mosaic in stained glass

I did this one for a high school art class, and it was a lot of fun and looks rad. Her hair is blue and black glass, unfortuntely the blue doesn’t show up.

My plan is to do a huge mosaic mural on our fireplace. Right now it’s kind of a dingy brown brick, a little too traditional for me. But I definitely need to practice a little first. I think I’m going to do some framed pieces that can be hung on the wall, as well as some table tops. I want to do one with grapes for my boyfriend’s mom (her kitchen is all decorated with grape stuff) and a whooping crane for my mom.

So that’s it for now. I’ll post pictures of the embroidered belt bag once it’s finished.