Super Deal! 500 business cards for free!

prod_businesscardOvernightPrints is offering 500 free business cards, all you have to do is pay the shipping!

This is a really good way to get hang tags for your product for free-  Get the cards printed with your logo, punch a hole in it, and then attach it to your goods.  Voila! High quality printed hang tags for cheap!

You could even get a smaller logo printed 2-3 times on one card to double or triple your savings, especially if you prefer smaller tags.

And of course, you could always just get them as business cards. I had some printed that can double as a business card and a hang tag.

High Quality Printing at Low Prices!

The newest edition to my sewing family: Miss Patti, aka the Singer 301

Garage sale-ing is one of my favorite summer activities, and it also happens to be one of the best ways to score an old sewing machine. Look around at any messageboard post or article where someone has asked about the best qualities of a sewing machine, and I guarantee you’ll find several people that swear by old all-metal machines. I learned to sew on a 1960’s Kenmore that was my mother’s. I still have it, and it still runs (though the tension’s a little off, 100% the fault of one of my cats).
So during a garage sale cruise this past summer, my boyfriend and I stopped at a house not far from our own, and I spied a mysterious suitcase….

A garage sale-ing rule of mine is to always, always, ALWAYS open mysterious cases and boxes. You never know what kind of kickass treasure will be within!

Inside the mysterious case was pretty much what I had expected…. an old, heavy-as-an-anvil sewing machine. So, even though the people running this particular garage sale were kind of creepy and more than a little rude, sucks to their aunties, because I picked up this gem for $35!Read more…