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Scam Alert

This website is stealing copyrighted photos and descriptions of my work. And it’s not just me. The work of several other designers is also being stolen. Rest assured that I’ve summoned all the bad karma possible and sent it their

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What’s cookin?

All moved in and (mostly) unpacked! Party time! One of my first projects for the new house is kitchen curtains. Maybe I should specify SEWING projects, as the non-sewing projects we’ve already done on this house are innumerable. Yesterday I

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Happy New Year!

We hit some big milestones this year.  Over 86,000 unique visitors, 125,000 total visits, and 1.25 MILLION page views in one month!  Thank you all for the feedback, ideas, and comments that keep me motivated and inspired. Things might be

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Smarmy Sale Time!

I was having a Halloween sale over at SmarmyClothes, but I’ve decided to extend the sale because we have a tentative closing date on our new house! Yayyyyyy! All ready to ship clothing is 31% off for the next few

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Evil Kittens

I know, I’ve been promising a new video tutorial on Twitter, but it’s kind of a long one and is going to take FOR-EV-ER to upload on our crapass internet connection. I bring a peace offering of kittens. One of

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Did you just craft your pants?

Howdy, I'm Lex! I'm a craft addict & fashion designer.
This is where I share my DIY tutorials, tips, supply sources and more!

Get Your Craft On

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