was your circle skirt too big when you were finished? did you cheat? tell the truth. did you try to skip the math part and do this:


say you wanted the waist hole to be 32 inches.  cutting the circle can be a real bitch.  so you fold the fabric in half twice, and then you divide that measurement by 4.  this gives you 8 inches.  you measure a line that's 8 inches long, because lines are easier.  but then you make a curve, because you really need a circle.  if you look at the gap between your 8 inch line and the curved line, there are several inches of extra space in there.  now multiply that space time 4, and that's where you got a skirt that's too big. 

if you really want to skip most of the math, get yourself a bendable ruler. that way, you can make the ruler curved and use that instead of all those calculations.


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