you can just call me a crazy cat lady

I was just tweeting about how I spent $80 on cat litter, and it occurred to me what a wonderful blog post that would make!

I’m only half joking.

First of all, $80 sounds like a lot, but this amount will last me an entire year with two cats. Ha, now you’re wondering what my secret is, aren’t you?

Silica crystal litter is the answer. This stuff is AWESOME. It is stick-your-nose-right-up-to-the-litterbox-and-barely-smell-a-thing awesome. Not that I would stick my nose in a litter box… *cough* Ahem…

Seriously though, I have two super pooper cats. I swear they each crap three times a day. And they whiz twice as often. Add on the fact that Mr. Saxby has been known to show his disapproval for a stinky litterbox by pissing on the carpet, and you’ll understand that I mean business.

Saxby aka The Carpet Pisser

Don’t let his fancy looks fool you.

Anyway, I really can’t say enough good things about the silica litter. There is almost no smell. The crystals are big enough (at least the brand I use) that the cats don’t track it all over the house… there’s nothing like finding a little pile of litter on your BED.

AND the way the silica works is by drying the bejesus out of the pee and poo. No more damp clumps of piss-soaked clay! The cat crap winds up looking a lot like fossilized dinosaur shit, so I just pretend I’m an archeologist looking for hidden treasures when I clean the litter box.

Zelda the Grey

If you’ve seen the silica litter at the store, you might have noticed it’s kind of expensive. One little jug will last you a whole month (or more), but if you want it on the cheap, the best place I’ve found is That $80 gets me about 60 pounds of the litter, which lasts me an entire year with 2 cats.

I had expected that 60 lbs to only last 4 months when I bought it last year. I’d forgotten that my cats much prefer going outside, if they have the choice. I don’t think the litter needed to be changed all summer, because they barely touched it. So if you have indoor cats, you’ll probably go through it faster.

Obviously, I’d suggest that you try the litter before buying it in bulk. Some cats are super picky and might need to be weened onto it. Other cats might refuse to use it altogether.

But I definitely recommend trying it. If you wanna buy from PFD, I used the coupon code CABIN5 for 10% off. That $80 includes shipping, by the way. I recall figuring out that 60 lbs (which is 3 boxes of litter) ships for the same price as 1 box, which is why I bought so much at once.

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