How to Make a Retro Holiday Ornament out of Duck Tape

This post brought to you by Duck Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck® Brand tape comes in so many festive prints and colors- polka dots, metallics, candy cane stripes, snowmen… it’s the perfect material for handmade holiday decorations!

Check out these decorations I made out of tape:


All of the ornaments use the same basic shape. It’s just a piece of tape folded into a strip, as shown below.


That’s it! If you can fold a piece of tape and wield a stapler and a glue gun, you can make all of the ornaments in the photo! This would be a perfect project to do with little kids, just put them to work folding those strips!

Here’s how to make the 2 ornament decorations from the right hand side of the photo (I’ll post instructions for the chain and the flower in a few days).

1. Cut one 5.5″ piece of tape, two 7″ pieces of tape, and two 8.5″ pieces of tape, and fold them into the strips, as shown above.


2. Stack the strips with the 5.5″ piece in the middle sandwiched between the 7.0″ pieces. The 8.5″ pieces are the top and bottom layer.


3. Line the ends of the strips up and staple in place.


4. Gather the unstapled ends, line them up the same way, and staple.

duct_tape_ornaments_08 duct_tape_ornaments_09

5. All we need now is a loop to hang it from. Make another 5.5″ folded strip. Cut an additional piece of tape, approximately 1/2″ wide.


6. Fold the strip around one end of the ornament and staple.


7. Cover the staple with the 1/2″ piece of tape.


You can of course use this tutorial to make decorations from strips of paper or felt. But the tape ornaments are durable enough that you could put them outside. 

Picture 571

I don’t know if I’d put them where they’re completely exposed to the elements unless you’re okay with them being just for this year, but I think a whole row of Duck Tape® ornaments along the edge of a porch would be totally cute!

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