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Canadian DiY designer Sarah brings us a little goth, a little punk, and rather peculiar clothing:

Your Name: Sarah!
Age: Twenty.
Toronto, Ontario – Canada *swoons*
Current Location: Toronto, Ontario – Canada.

How did your interest in fashion begin? I was always ridiculously picky about what I wore, not necessarily JUST for fashionable reasons, but the way I felt in the clothes. I’d always try to alter them the best I could so that whatever it was was enjoyable to wear. And the band shirts… oh the band shirts, I absolutely despise those damn baby doll tees, I constantly found all the good shirts were guys shirts and ended up snipping the shoulders off and making it hip length – I did this long enough before I took fashion/sewing course in my second last year of high school, and immediately purchased what I needed and started teaching myself!

What motivated you to start selling your designs and what were your expectations when you started? I would have people ask where I got something, and once I told them I made it / altered it / reconstructed it, they would ask if I ever thought of selling to the public, and eventually I did !Expectations when I started? Initially when I started, I was listing very irregularly as it was just a hobby at the time – when my mother had an instant, out of nowhere, brain aneurysm, my current education was compromised and I had to leave, and I wasn’t able to get a job outside of home because of the status of my mother in the hospital, which is when I started sewing more and more, and listing more often…and within the last year and a half RatherxPeculiar Clothing has become my job. I am passionate about sewing and it really couldn’t be more fitting!

Do you have any formal training in fashion, art or design? No, I don’t as if yet, but if all goes as planned and my mother recovers sooner than later I will hopefully be attending the International Academy of Design & Technology for fashion design.

Is RatherxPeculiar your primary job? YUP! RatherxPeculiar is my one and only job. I am passionate about sewing, it involves everything I enjoy and really could not be more fitting in my mothers situation where she needs me around, plus…I can’t STAND 9-5 jobs, I refuse to be told what to do while making under $10 an hour. I always hated having to go into work if I wasn’t feeling well, etc. This way, I sew whenever I want- if I don’t have time one day, just double it up the next day! =]

How many people are behind the scenes at RatherxPeculiar? I am the one and only behind RatherxPeculiar, just little ol’ me!

What are some of the best and worst aspects of being an independent designer? Again, being able to work around MY SCHEDULE, being my own boss, and enjoying what I do really pays off. Any negative aspects of being an independent designer are really overshadowed by the positive aspects =] !

Where do you get inspiration for your designs? I get a lot of my inspiration for my designs through music and certain artists, I am all for supporting the music I listen to and love, and what better way than supporting through something that makes you look incredible, too! I love certain looks in a lot of scenes, I try to combine a mixture of goth/punk/japan/indie, etc into my pieces. I strive to make the things I’d love to wear on a daily basis but are just not practical for everyday wear, so I work with the style and come up with something that’s entirely wearable but still has that sort of style!

How would you describe your designs? I try to make cute & sexy (yet, sort of tough ^_^), comfortable, feminine, and most of all unique, clothing for my ladies, as I combine such styles (see above) into my work, I can see my clothing fitting a wide variety of scenes, etc.

Any advice for aspiring designers? Don’t get discouraged, PUSH YOURSELF! You WILL get it, patience is most important <3

Do you have any interesting hobbies (outside of sewing/designing)? Interior design *craves change far too often*, music, reading, cooking, family, animals & the crazy fools who keep a smile on my face <3

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