Happy Halloween!!

I have a yearly Halloween tradition: while I carve my jackolanterns, I watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Lately, I’ve been carving artificial pumpkins, so I do the design stuff inside while I watch the movie. Then I go outside for the actual carving. (It’s even messier than real pumpkins, believe it or not.)


This is my collection of foam pumpkins (aka Funkins). My goal is to someday have a whole army of them!

pumpkins_lightHere they are unlit.

eyeball_pumpkin_02This year I carved this googly eyed fellow.

eyeball_pumpkinHere he is lit up.

moth_02And I also caved this Death’s Head Hawkmoth.

Death's-head_Hawkmoth_jackolanternQuid pro quo, Clarice!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

    1. They are artificial “foam” pumpkins, but they look fairly realistic. Now I’m curious to see what pumpkins look like in the UK!

  1. Any interest in selling the death moth pumpkin? I would love to surprise my daughter for her Halloween themed wedding.

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