How To Make a Fabric Gift Bow

What better way to get #fabulouslyfestive than to festoon yourself (and others) with bows?
This bow would make a great topper for a gift since it’s the classic gift bow design… but the bonus is that since it’s made from fabric, it can double as a hair bow, brooch, or bracelet!
Of course you can use the same procedure for making a bow out of ribbon, fancy paper, or go the upcycled route and use some old magazine or newspaper pages!
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_02Step 1
Here’s what you need:
  • fabric (or paper or ribbon) cut into 3/4″ strips
    • three strips measuring 8.5″ long
    • three strips measuring 7.5″ long
    • two strips measuring 6.5″ long
    • one strip measuring 2″ long
  • 2″ square piece of felt
  • high temp glue gun
  • scissors
  • (optional) brooch clip, head band, hair clip, or bobby pin
When it comes to choosing fabric, you can use woven or knits. Woven fabrics will tend to fray, so keep that in mind. Lighter weight fabrics may need a layer of fusible interfacing so they don’t wind up too floppy- this may also help prevent fraying.
I’m using a scrap of holographic foil printed spandex for mine.
If you have a rotary cutter, it will make cutting the strips much easier than scissors.
Step 2
Before we start gluing, let’s discuss the proper way to loop our strips. Mark the center of the strip with your finger, and fold one end to the center. Fold the other end so you wind up with a sort of figure 8 shape. What you don’t want is the sort of pretzel shape on the right. That means you’ve looped in the wrong direction.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_04Step 3
Now that we know the proper looping technique, time to start gluing! Use glue to secure all of the pieces into loops as shown in Step 2.  Don’t loop the 2″ piece yet. That one gets special treatment.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_05Step 4
Ta-da! Here are all of our finished loops!
Step 5
The leftover 2″ strip should be glued into a simple loop like this.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_07Step 6
Starting with 2 of the large loops. Lay one over the other in an X shape. Secure with glue.
Step 7
Lay the third large loop across the “X” and secure with glue.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_09Step 8
Now we’ll attach the three medium loops similarly.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_10When placing the medium loops, try to situate their points between the points of the larger loops below. Secure with glue.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_11Repeat with another medium loop.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_12And repeat again with the final loop.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_13Step 9
The two small loops will be secured in an X shape.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_14X marks the spot!
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_15Step 10
The little simple loop is like the cherry on top!
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_17Step 11
Before we glue the felt square to the back, make two small slits, which will make it simple to attach a headband, bobby pin, etc.
gift_bow_tutorial_fabric_18Secure to the bottom of the bow with glue.
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This post brought to you by Jo-Ann. All opinions are 100% mine.

2 thoughts on “How To Make a Fabric Gift Bow

  1. I think it would be a great decoration not only for hair but for a Christmas tree or for present wrappings. And as far as I can judge it is very easy to make it.

  2. I should say that I have used this idea of creation of gift bows and I am really satisfied. I had a lot of fun in the process of making them and all my friends and relatives were happy to know that I have decorating presents for them by myself.

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