How to Make a Halloween Tree

Tree decorating doesn’t just have to be for Christmas! Here’s how you can make a creepy Halloween tree of your own.

halloween_tree_tutorial_how_toCostumed cat ornaments by KilkennycatArt.
Pumpkin teapot by baumanstoneware.

Step 1
Gather your supplies!

You’ll need:

  • A bucket or vase
  • Twigs and sticks
  • Floral foam (for straight sided vessels) or styrofoam packing peanuts (for a bucket like mine, where the hole on top is smaller than the width of the bucket)
  • Craft foam sheet (you can skip this if you have  a straight sided vessel)
  • Optional: spraypaint

When choosing sticks, think about where you’re going to put your tree and how much room you have. If you have a large area, you could do one big branch. I went with 6 smaller branches. I gauged the right size by putting a few in my bucket.


My branches are from a lilac bush that is badly needed the pruning. But you can likely find plenty of sticks on the ground this time of year. If you can’t find any sticks or twigs, check out the floral section of your craft store.

Step 2

This step is optional, but I spray painted my sticks black. You can leave them au naturel, or you can paint them a color! Whatever works best for your decor.


I used some el cheapo paint I bought at the grocery store. Nothing fancy. Just what I had on hand.

Helpful hint: if you do paint your sticks, let them air out for a few days, if possible. That way you’ll have minimal spray-paint-stink when you set up your tree.

Step 3

If you’ve got a straight sided vessel, you can cut a piece of floral foam to fit the bottom of it and skip to Step 5.

If your vessel has wider sides than the top and bottom, unless you glue the floral foam down, it won’t stay put. If you want to glue it down, you are welcome to do so!

I opted for the MacGyver approach.


Put a plastic shopping bag inside your bucket and fill it with packing peanuts.


When I say full, I mean really full. Pack them in tight and then tie the bag shut.

Step 4

I used a pretty purple glitter foam sheet, but you can use any color you’d like. Glitter optional.


Cut the foam sheet a few inches larger than the top opening of your vessel.


Cut as many slits in the foam as you have sticks.


Tuck the foam sheet into the top of the bucket.

halloween_tree_tutorial_how_to_10Step 5

Now the fun part! Stab the sticks into your floral foam or packing peanuts, depending on which you used.


Now it’s time to decorate!


Add some twinkle lights and have fun making your own DiY Halloween ornaments!

I think a bunch of little bats from black glitter craft foam would be perfect.


2 thoughts on “How to Make a Halloween Tree

  1. Very nice tutorial! I think after the cats have knocked my own little trees down, I might have to make one like this! =)

  2. This Halloween tree seems pretty interesting to make. I love this spooky craft so much. So creative and so impressive as well! This is one of the few creations I love so much for Halloween. I would really love to try this soon. My kids will surely love this craft, too. Thanks.

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