How to Make a Pixie Skirt

This is a step by step tutorial for how to sew a pixie skirt, also known as a handkerchief hem or a square circle skirt. If you already know how to make a circle skirt, this one is even easier!

This version features a different waistband style from my original circle skirt tutorial, which is more suitable for wearing at your natural waist and/or for people with a large waist-to-hip ratio.

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You can use any type of fabric for this tutorial, woven or knit. My example skirt has two layers, but you can do a single layer if you prefer! I’ll show you how to determine how much fabric you need and what to do if your fabric isn’t wide enough to cut the skirt in one seamless piece.

I’ll also show how to do the math the old fashioned way, but if you want you can skip that part and download my FREE circle skirt template here.

how_to_make_witch_skirtPaired with my mini witch hat tutorial, you’re well on your way to a spooktacular DiY Halloween costume!


8 thoughts on “How to Make a Pixie Skirt

  1. I am making a regular circle skirt, but the larger waist, as described in this tutorial. When you say to cut the elastic for your waist (-3″), is that your true waist or your hip number that you use as your waist?

    1. The elastic should be at least 3″ smaller than wherever you plan to wear the waistband. In this case, I made the skirt to wear at my natural waist, so the elastic is 3″ smaller than my natural waist measurement.

  2. How would this skirt look with a layer of tulle underneath to give it some pouf? Or is a true circle skirt better for that kind of thing?

    1. Hi Michelle-
      If by tulle you mean a full petticoat, that would probably look best under a regular circle skirt. I can’t say for sure… I’ve never experimented with layering a petticoat under a pixie skirt.
      If you were to add a layer of tulle cut the same way as the pixie skirt, it would probably give a little extra body, especially if you were using a very drapey/slinky fabric and wanted it to “stand out” a little more.

  3. Haven’t received your free circle skirt template…need I do something else…tried twice.

    1. Hi Tammy-
      I’ve emailed you a link to the template. If you don’t receive an email from me (what.the.craft [at], please check your spam folder.

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful and easy to understand tutorial with excellent explanations and clear directions. I especially liked the directions on attaching and sewing the skirt to the elastic using the pins as anchor points. The lightbulb finally came on for me. ??

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