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How to Sew an Armband Pouch for a Cell Phone

This step-by-step tutorial is the perfect way to go hands-free with your phone. Whether you’re walking, jogging, or going to town on a half-gallon of ice cream, I’m not judging. (Especially not if you share some of that ice cream with me.)


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Because I know people will ask, the answer is: YES. I really must *insist* that you use a spandex/lycra fabric. Other knit/stretch fabrics lose some of their elasticity after wearing, and that will lead to Droopy Phone Pouch Syndrome. You don’t want a droopy phone pouch, believe me.


3 thoughts on “How to Sew an Armband Pouch for a Cell Phone

  1. Can I ask what percentage of lycra/spandex would be best? I’ve never used stretchy fabric before so I’m a bit in the dark!

    1. The safest bet is to go with stretch percentage over fabric content. Something in the range of 50% stretch (or more), which means that a 10″ piece of fabric can stretch up to 15″. Unfortunately, many online fabric stores don’t list the stretch percentage.
      Most lycra/spandex fabrics that would be suitable are 10-20% lycra spandex mixed with either polyester or nylon. There are cotton blends, but they don’t always have the same recovery, especially if they get wet, so I’d avoid cotton for this project specifically.

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