It’s Summer!

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And summer means all of my favorite things: badminton (laugh all you want, best sport in the world!), grilling (mmm… food), growing your own veggies (mmm… food), bonfires, naps in the hammock, camping, swimming in the lake… the list goes on!

I think we’ll be having our first picnic this weekend for Memorial Day. I don’t know if it’s the sun or the breeze or the fresh air, but there’s just something great about eating outside. Maybe it’s the potato salad. Yum.

Those are some of the Cosmic Purple carrots I grew in my garden last time. The little round orange one is a Thumbelina carrot. This year I’ll have purple, red and yellow carrots!

And let’s not forget the flowers! That’s a picture of my side garden. Right now I’ve got bleeding heart and rhododendron blooming, and the peonies and tiger lilies are about to burst!

There’s one major buzzkill (pun intended) for all that outdoor fun: Bugs. More specifically: mosquitoes. Especially if you’re Mosquito Bait like me. Even when everyone else insists they’re not getting bit, I wind up covered in bites.  It doesn’t matter if I’m coated in a thick layer of bug spray, I can not hide from the pesky vampires.  How can I enjoy a hot gooey S’more right off the roasting stick when I’m being eaten alive by skeeters?

That’s what’s great about the Mosquito Magnet Executive Mosquito Trap and Accessories.  No more spraying stinky chemicals on yourself! And if you purchase a Mosquito Magnet before June 1st, you get a FREE 18 month warranty! Perfect timing for Memorial Day weekend!

I’d love to hear about your Memorial Day plans and some of your favorite summer events, so leave a comment and share!

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