Shop Owners: Take note of the January 27th shipping increases

It’s January, which is starting to become synonymous with postage increases. If you use USPS to ship, you’ll want to pay close attention.

Prices are going up January 27th, and the increases are not small particularly for international rates. So make sure you get the shipping prices for your shop updated before January 27th!

Here’s just a taste, with prices for Priority international:
Current Priority flat rate envelope price to Canada is $12.95
January 27th, the new rate will be $19.95

Current Priority flat rate envelope price to other countries is $16.95
January 27th, the new rate will be $23.95

First class international rates are also going up.

Right now a 1-2 oz package costs about $3-4
New rates for a 1-2 oz package will be over $6

Note that the following rates are rounded up/down and are for Commercial Base Pricing. If you buy your postage at the post office, you pay Retail pricing and will pay MORE. 

3-4 oz packages will be approx $7-9
5-8 oz packages will be approx $8-11
12 oz packages will be approx $8-13
1 lb packages will be approx $9.50-15

I highly recommend an at-home postage printing service like Endicia. The cost of the annual fee and a postal scale will more than make up for the time and cost of driving to the post office every week/day/etc. Plus, as I mentioned above, you get the commercial base price discount on postal rates AND free delivery confirmation.

Also, please read this article, which explains how the post office got into such a dire financial situation and how easily Congress could fix it.

And then please sign this petition:

For the full list of the new rates, click here to download the .xls spreadsheet from USPS.

If you find the spreadsheet confusing (who wouldn’t?) BrittanysBest has created an excellent shipping calculator for the new rates!


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