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See, you got me on this topic of commercials yesterday, and now I can’t stop…

The Basketball is still on, which means seeing those same commercials a few hundred more times. However, we saw a new one today. Domino’s was giving Papa Johns a thorough tongue-lashing over a lawsuit in which a judge called their slogan (Better Ingredients, Better Pizza) “Puffery”.

Okay, first of all, what slogan isn’t puffery?

Second of all, I’m a little pissed that our tax dollars are going towards paying judges and district attorneys and all the other court employees so that two pizza mega chains can argue about whether or not their claim to “better pizza” is factual? It can’t be factual, it’s an opinion. End of story. Bang the gavel.

But no, the court suggested that the term “Better” can not be used without substantiation. “Best”, however, can be. So if Papa Johns claimed they used the Best Ingredients and therefore had the Best Pizza, no harm no foul, I guess. My issue is that better means better than some. Best implies BETTER THAN EVERYONE. You wanna talk about puffery?

Third, this:

“At trial, the court agreed with Pizza Hut’s argument that Papa John’s slogan did not constitute statements of literal fact – that “fresher ingredients” do not necessarily account for a “better” pizza.”

Is Pizza Hut just trying to fuck with them or what?

Sometimes I want to become a judge just so I can laugh in the faces of the super rich idiots that want to pull off this kind of shenanigan in my court room. I would say, “Not in my court room!”

Sheesh, this has become some blog, hasn’t it? I’m sure you’re all looking forward to my next installment of Smarmy’s Thoughts on Current Marketing Campaigns. I will try to come up with a new topic for next time, I promise.

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