I Need Your Help!

When I first started WhatTheCraft, I never dreamed it would be so successful. I just wanted a place to share and document what I learned in my crafty experiments.

Fast forward seven years later, and the site has grown enormously. So much so that I’ve recently had to increase the server space to keep up. And what that means is that the hosting costs of the site almost quadrupled overnight. If the current site advertising generated a penny per unique visitor to the site, it would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Heck, it doesn’t even make HALF a penny per unique visitor.

I didn’t start this site to make money, so that’s okay. I have invested thousands and thousands of hours in WhatTheCraft because I love sharing and teaching. However, to keep the site running, I need to ask for your help:

If you love the site and find my tutorials helpful, please consider donating via Paypal. $2, $5, $10… any amount will help keep WhatTheCraft afloat!


You can also donate in the form of buying a pattern from the shop or purchasing an advertising slot if you have a handmade shop or blog.

And lastly, thank you thank you THANK YOU to all of you who have donated, bought patterns, and purchased ads in the past. You have been an integral part of keeping WhatTheCraft alive and allowing it to become what it has!



My name is Alexis. I have a craft addiction. This is my story. also check out: www.smarmyclothes.com (my clothes) www.whatthecraft.com (my tutorials)

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