New Vintage Style Apron Pattern, plus a freebie!

I am happy to share the newest WhatTheCraft Pattern has arrived in the shop! It’s a vintage style apron with lots of retro flair- a flouncy twirly circle skirt, sweetheart bust, ruffled hem, and adjustable neck and waist ties!

And to compliment the apron, I’ve also released a free pattern for a collection of vintage style pockets! Of course they make a perfect addition to the apron, but you can also use them on bags, clothing, etc. And did I mention they’re free?


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6 comments on “New Vintage Style Apron Pattern, plus a freebie!
  1. :: xLaurieClarkex– exactly what I’ve been looking for!! Ooh! And a ruffle bustle skirt! I’m Pinning these now, hopefully it will lead to more customers for you 🙂

  2. Susan burke says:

    My computer is out. Do have a paper pattern that I could buy?

  3. Ann Kneifel says:

    I emailed you yesterday to ask how the pdf thingy works. Im with Susan Burke (above) wondering if you have a paper pattern I can buy versus downloading the sweetheart apron pattern. Im just very old school and would prefer to get a paper pattern LOL Else, if you don’t have a paper pattern that I can purchase and it be sent to me, please explain how the pdf download thingy works. Thank you!!

    • Lex says:

      Hi Ann-
      This is a copy of the response I sent via your Etsy message:
      “Each page is labeled with a letter (A-B-C-D) and you assemble the pieces in alphabetical order, jigsaw puzzle style. There are further instructions for assembling the paper pattern in the file.”

      I do not have paper patterns available. There is one other option available, though: I can “untile” the pattern and send you the pattern as one uncut piece, which you can take to a local copy shop (Kinkos, etc.) and have them print it on one of their large scale printers. I’ve never done it myself, but I’ve talked with those who have. It seems to cost about $3-8 for one large sheet, which is probably a bit more expensive than printing at home, but it saves you the cutting and taping.

  4. Jeanne Sadler says:

    Hi – does the apron skirt flare on its own, or is there something helping it?


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