Once upon a giant pumpkin

When I was six years old, I won a giant pumpkin. The town I grew up in had an annual pumpkin carving contest, and one of the activities this particular year (1989) was to guess the weight of a giant pumpkin. My guess was off by about 4 ounces. Beginner’s luck!

The prize? The pumpkin, of course! (And a free Christmas tree come December.) 

When my dad found out that we had to take the pumpkin with us, he packed us all in the car and tried to make a clean getaway before the contest organizers could load the pumpkin into the car. But it was too late. They rolled that sucker right into the trunk and secured it with bungee cords.

For the next few weeks, we had great fun climbing on it and taking pictures of it, including the ridiculous portrait above.

Oh, then there’s this gem, where I’m not being awkward at all.

When I picked up a pumpkin yesterday at Trader Joes, I couldn’t resist trying to reclaim a little of my former pumpkin portrait glory.

More photos of me with pumpkins, you say?

Well, if you insist!

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