Ring around the rosie

Two of my favorite flowers are blooming right now: lupine and columbine.

I started both plants as seeds in my first Winter Sowing experiment a few years ago. I didn’t get any blooms the first year, as expected. Last year, the columbines bloomed almost all summer, but the lupines looked like such pathetic weaklings, I’d pretty much written them off. I think I got three scrawny blooms between four plants.

Lupines always reminded me of popsicles when I was a kid. I think it’s the bomb pop-esque shape. Damn it. Now I really want a bomb pop.

But this year?

lupine2It’s lupine madness. One plant has about a dozen blooms on it!

(I also learned an interesting lesson today: cold camera that was in the basement studio + steamy outdoor air after a rain = foggy lens. It looks like it’s misty outside in that picture, but it’s actually just condensation on the lens. I had to clear it off about 20 times while I was taking photos!)


The columbine seeds were from a mix, so I had no idea what color the blooms would be when I planted them… I just happened to get lucky and these four I planted together all came up in shades of pink. Bonus!

I think I missed my call when it comes to botany… I could look at garden crap on Pinterest all day long. Not to mention spend a fortune on seeds and plants.

What are your favorite flowers?

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98 thoughts on “Ring around the rosie

  1. Gerberas are my favourite. They always make me smile – they are such happy flowers! The mobile site looks fantastic!

  2. My favorite flowers have to be poppies. California or other. Poppies will make them sleep. Haha.

  3. Difficult, there are so many beauties, but at the moment it must be bluebells. The woods are aglow with blue this year – magical.

  4. Daisy daisy gave me ask do
    I’m half crazy over the love of you ,
    well I think that’s the way the song goes lol
    I love daisies

  5. Hi !
    Changes all the time hehehe … black petunias are probably my favourite at the moment. Thanks for the give away, your site rocks!

  6. I have 3 little girls & each of them has a birth flower that I designated for them because it caught my eye either during pregnancy or shortly after their birth. Their specific flower is given them for their birthday or special event.
    Lyzah–Easter lily
    Vera–Gerber daisy

  7. love your stuff!
    my favourite flowers: hard to choose, they’re all so lovely but just this morning picked up some gorgeous bridal wreath spirea and day lilies at the garden club sale and am so excited to put them in the ground! They’ll be the favoured ones this year!

  8. Iris – the big German ones with the uprights one color and the lips of the falls (the hanging down part) in another color. My very favorite is called “Batik” since it’s blue with white markings. Gorgeous!

  9. Petunias are my favorite flowers. Because when I was a kid, I liked to smell them and with my respiration, the petals stuck on my nose for a few seconds. And I was like “awww this flower gave me a kiss on my nose ! ” ^^
    For me petunias will always be “the flowers that give a kiss”.

  10. My favorite flowers are petunias. So many colors and their fragrance drifts so nicely on the breeze, sweet and romantic.

  11. I Love the Clematis, the large purple flower is so breath taking, and light peach and pink roses.

  12. I love the passion fruit flower. It looks like this amazingly delicate and intricate flower but is actually easy to grow and lasts for a good length of time. Silly, but I guess it is also a bit of a metaphor on how I would like to be seen as a person: complex and gentle on the outside but in reality, pretty tough.

  13. The most spectacular arrangement of flowers that I ever received was irises coupled with peach roses. Stunning. But now I am “into” edibles such as Borage and Nasturtiums.

  14. Daffodils! Mostly because my mom always grew them and and I spent most of my childhood mistakenly calling them buttercups. ?(???)?

  15. Morning glories and moon flowers are probably my favorites but if I would grow all the flowers if I could.

  16. I have a lobg love for lillies. For appearance, Stargazer Lillies and for name Satan’s Fire Lillies

  17. I love carnations! They’re such simple, yet beautiful flowers. Plus I love how they can be dyed any color. Yay for bright blue flowers! šŸ˜€

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