Spring has sprung!

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It hit 70 degrees here this week, and that means I can finally stop holding my breath for Spring! What better way to celebrate than to pick up some fun outdoorsy stuff from Pier 1?

I have a bit of a mushroom obsession, so I couldn’t say no to these hilarious ceramic mushrooms. My yard is sadly lacking in the garden decor department, so now the crocuses have someone to keep them company!

I want my yard to feel like a fantastical fairyland, so these are perfect!

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I might have mentioned that I’m a sucker for glass candle lanterns, so of course I had to pick up a couple of those.

What I love about these is that they’ll be great mood lighting for the deck when we eat and hang out outside, but they also look great inside!

(Especially when the power gets knocked out by summer thunderstorms, and candle lighting becomes our only choice, haha.)

And finally, I grabbed some new dinner plates. These are durable ironstone so they’ll have no problem making many trips back and forth to the barbecue, despite my inherent clumsiness.

I love the colorful Mexico-inspired design. My kitchen and dining room have a rustic Mexico/Day of the Dead theme, so these will fit right in!

Before my Pier 1 trip, I did some online browsing on their website – Pier 1.

I really need a good table for the porch. I’d love to get something like this perched bird table

I’d feel like a fairy princess eating at that table. I almost got this miniature accent table version.

I also love these ceramic garden stools:


They would work perfectly in the garden or on a porch. Put a pad on it for comfy seating, or use it as a plant stand or table! I like multitaskers.

Ahhh, thinking about all that warm weather tempts me to put one of their Papasan chairs on my deck… perfect for porchside naps! I love this rocker version:

Oh boy, my cats would really love that.

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