StitchCrafty4U Review and The Cup Cozy Debate

I thought I never had much use for a cup cozy- I like my hot drinks to scald my mouth AND my hands.

And then one frigid January day I was trying to enjoy an equally frigid smoothie, and I realized I was shivering from having to hold the freezing cold glass in my bare hands.


So when Nizel of StitchCrafty4U offered to send me a sample for review, I went straight for the cozies.

protect thy hands!
protect thy hands!

Perfection! The cozies have 2 buttons with an elastic closure, so they’re sure to fit any size. I felt the heart print was excellently timed for Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner!

The major bonus here? Her cozies come as a set with little handwarmers! I think Nizel understands the true calling of the cozy!

The handwarmers are pure genius. I have something similar that’s much bigger that I use when my neck and shoulders get sore from my perpetual slouching, but these little guys are the perfect size for pockets!

Everything came wrapped in a cute little bag, perfect for gifting!

Speaking of gifts and Valentine’s Day, her cozy sets are on sale right now for only $8 ($3 off ). Go check out the StitchCrafty4U shop!


And don’t forget to swing by the StitchCrafty4U Facebook!

If you’re a handmade artisan and would like to send a sample for review, please contact me!

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