How to Make a Duck Tape Bow

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It's prom season, and that means it's time for the Duck Tape® Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest! Create a prom outfit or accessory out of Duck Tape® and you could win scholarship money for you and your school!

You have until June 10th, 2013 to enter, so be sure to head over to for the official rules and entry information.

Check out last year's First Place Winner:

Lara and Cole used 18 rolls of Duck Tape® and spent 127 hours on their outfits!

Here's a quick Duck Tape® accessory tutorial that I put together that's not quite as time consuming or tape consuming but is still super cute. WEE!


Here's how to make a Duck Tape® mini hair bow, so grab your favorite Duck Tape® pattern and let's get started!

I picked a super shiny metallic silver. Can't resist the shiny things.


1. Gather your supplies- you'll need Duck Tape® , scissors, and a bobby pin.


2. Cut a piece of Duck Tape® that's about 6.25" long.


3. Fold the Duck Tape® in half, leaving a 0.25" tab at the end.


See the tab?


4. Fold the tab over.


5. Cut a 0.5" strip of Duck Tape® and get your bobby pin ready!


6. Pinch the center of your larger Duck Tape® rectangle until it gathers into a nice bow shape.


7. Place the 0.5" strip of tape across the center.


8. Fold the bottom of the stripe to the back of the bow.


9. Turn the bow to the back side and slide the bobby pin over the strip of tape.


10. Fold the strip down and press the secure the bobby pin.


11. Voila!


When you've created your Duck Tape® masterpiece, don't forget to share it on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #stuckatprom!
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