My circle skirt turned out big enough for an elephant, WTF!?

Was your circle skirt too big when you were finished?

Did you cheat?

Tell the truth, now…

I bet you tried to skip all the math and do this:


To be clear, this is the WRONG WAY to make a circle skirt. The tutorial for the correct way is here.

What’s wrong with doing it this way? I’ll explain.

Say you wanted the waist hole to be 32 inches.  Cutting the circle can be a real bitch. There’s math. Math sucks! There must be a less mathy way of doing this… You’ll wing it!

So you fold the fabric in half twice, and then you divide your waist  measurement by 4.  This gives you 8 inches.  You measure a line that’s 8 inches long, because lines are easier to draw.  But you really need a circle, so you just sort of draw a curved lined around it.

If you look at the gap between your 8 inch line and the curved line, there are several inches of extra space in there.  Now multiply that space time 4, and that’s where you got a skirt that’s ridonkulously big.

Do the math once, trace it on a piece of paper, and have it already done on a pattern that you can use over and over again.