New Ruffle Bustle Skirt Pattern in the Shop!

Well, so far I have not met my New Year’s Resolution goal of one new pattern a month. But I did at least meet the goal of having this pattern ready before Halloween!

The newest WhatTheCraft Pattern is the Ruffle Bustle Skirt!
This voluminous tie-on bustle skirt is the perfect accessory for any steampunk, burlesque, or Halloween costume-  complete your look with a corset and a pair of bloomers or leggings!
The skirt has an open front with three lace trimmed, ruffled layers that cascade around your hips, emphasizing your feminine curves. The satin ribbon ties at the waist allow for flexible sizing.

The sample I made is Queen of Hearts inspired, now I’m thinking versions for Alice, the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter are in order! These bustle skirts would be so awesome for a group costume theme.

I’m Alive!

Pardon my lackadaisical posting habits, I am experiencing an unprecedented custom order boom. Usually the first few months of the year are slower for me, but good GOD, not this year. Plus it’s nearing the end of March and I’m not trying to panic over how much garden prep I have NOT done yet.

Also I know I have already totally failed at my “one new tutorial and one new sewing pattern” per month thing.  BOO! I actually have things mostly ready, but I just haven’t had time to finish them. ARG!

Yeah, that’s right. BOO and ARG!

Anyway, here are some of my new designs that I’ve been working on!

A new sweater coat called Absinthe- I had planned on designing a whole bunch of new coats, and then got completely overwhelmed with all these orders, so I only got one out in time!

The TARDIS dress! Featuring my custom designed fabric:

The Party Animal dress. Or as some people call it, The Lisa Frank dress.

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Loft 415 Clothing

A few weeks ago I snagged 3 awesome tops from the awesomely talented Hope of Loft 415. If her shop looks familiar but the name doesn’t ring a bell, she used to go by Label of Hope.

I’ve been a fan of Hope since her Ebay days, and one of the things I’ve always admired about Hope’s style is that she seems to effortlessly blend wear-ability and elegance. (I almost wrote elegant-ness.)

When the tops arrived, I almost didn’t know what to do with them. Real grown up clothing!

Because, you know, everyone assumes, “Hey, you’re a fashion designer, I bet your closet is amazing.” But the truth is I almost never ever make stuff for myself. Usually once a year on my birthday I sit down and sew for myself, and now let’s all stop and ponder how sad it is that I’m sitting at the sewing machine ON MY BIRTHDAY.

(Plus I don’t know if you can call any of my stuff “grown up”. Sometimes I think the 5-year-old Me that was obsessed with sequined granny sweaters is the one making all of the design decisions for SmarmyClothes.)

On a daily basis, I tend to dress like I did in 7th grade.  Today for example I’m wearing a pair of jeans with a giant hole in the knee and a novelty Halloween shirt that’s printed to look like a mummy’s wrap. Très chic.

But hey, I’m gonna shut up now and show you the swanky duds.

This is my favorite of the three, perhaps because it’s the further from what I normally wear. It’s pink! And pretty! There are no soup stains on it!


There’s this awesome little lace detail on the sleeve!


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