Happy Halloween!

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I thought since we moved closer to town we’d get trick or treaters. So I bought 4 bags of candy, naturally. And we’ve had a big fat zero trick or treaters. BOO!

I’m going to drown my skeleton sorrows in a big plastic pumpkin full of Halloween candy.

But first I’ll show you my jackolantern, because it’s cool. I spent 2 hours slouched in the basement carving it with my dremel tool, and I woke up very sore this morning as a result. I’ve invented the sport of Extreme Pumpkin Carving!

Two hours probably sounds like a lot, but it’s a Funkin, so I figure since I can use it pretty much forever, it was worth it to spend an ungodly amount of time carving the stupid thing. Right? Right.

I wanted to do a haunted house scene, and I thought it would be rad to carve all the way around the pumpkin, so I had one looping scene. So here is 360 degrees of spooky jackolantern!

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