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I Knit a Thing!

Remember wayyyy back in March *cough* 2015 *cough* when I mentioned I was making this cowl?  No? Yeah, I barely remember either. It only took me a year and a half to finish, but I did it! I knit my

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Knitting adventures

If you follow my Facebook or Twitter, you may have deduced that I’ve been working on my knitting skillz lately. I tried learning a few years ago, but didn’t get past the basics. I’m determined to get further this time!

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The Jayne Cobb hat debacle

If you’re a knitter, a maker, or a Firefly fan, chances are you’ve heard about Fox’s mass take-down of all unlicensed Jayne Cobb hats from various handmade selling venues. The argument I keep hearing over and over against this action

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Did you just craft your pants?

Howdy, I'm Lex! I'm a craft addict & fashion designer.
This is where I share my DIY tutorials, tips, supply sources and more!

Get Your Craft On

Wholesale DIY material from China trough DHgate