How to Ruche or Gather with Elastic

This technique is super simple and can be used so many ways!

What is ruching? Well, it’s a fancy word for a fancy way of gathering fabric.

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You’ll need some elastic- 3/8″ wide or less is best, and a scrap of fabric (let’s just practice for now!).



Step 1

Here are the two basic rules of ruching: Your elastic should be the length you’d like the finished product to be. The fabric you are going to ruche should be significantly longer than your desired finished length.

For this example, our desired length is 7″, so we’ve cut a piece of elastic that is 7″ long. The fabric has been cut to 12″.

NOTE: Make sure your elastic can stretch the entire length of the fabric you are ruching. Duh, I know.

Step 1
Step 1

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