How to Sew an Armband Pouch for a Cell Phone

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Have you ever been listening to something on your headphones, and you’re trying to do something with your hands ā€“ sewing, washing dishes, jogging ā€“ and you go to put your phone in your pocket only to realize you don’t HAVE a pocket? So then you try to wedge it in your bra or your waistband…

No? Never?

Me neither.


This step-by-step tutorial is the perfect way to go hands-free with your phone. Whether you’re walking, jogging, or going to town on a half-gallon of ice cream, I’m not judging. (Especially not if you share some of that ice cream with me.)Read more…


Quick Tip: What’s the difference between a ballpoint needle and a stretch needle?

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Is there even a difference? The answer is yes. I tend to use them interchangeably, but the stretch needles do have some benefits for the extra stretchy fabrics like lycra/spandex.vintagepinksewingmachinekenmore

Both types have a rounded end compared to a universal needle, which prevents snags or runs in the knit fabric. But a stretch needle also allows for a longer thread loop, which is supposed to prevent skipping stitches.

So if you’re using lycra/spandex, I would go with the stretch needle. And when in doubt, take a scrap of the fabric you’ll be using for a project and test out the stitches with various needles to see what gets the best result.