How To Photograph Your Product For Dummies, by A Dummy

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I will preface this post with the admission that I really am a dummy when it comes to photography. I don’t know many technical terms, I’ve never taken a class… I’ve learned it all through trial and error.

There are a few key components that you’ll need, but aside from the camera, they’re not too expensive (and in some cases, free), so don’t fret, my pet.


What you need:

a camera – Your phone doesn’t count.

light – Natural daylight is the best!

a tripod – I guess if your phone can go on a tripod and takes decent pictures, I’ll let you slide…


Natural light + tripod = kickass photos


Optional items:

a backdrop – I use a cheapo bed sheet. It’s not the prettiest or most professional, but it works.

a remote for your camera – If you’re the model and photographer, this will make your life a million times easier. I got mine from Amazon.

additional lighting – The more “daylight-like”, the better. See the bottom of this post for a link to a great tutorial for lighting on the cheap.


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How to Make a Steampunk Victorian Jabot or Neckerchief

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by Zeloco

I’ve always been a fan of the Victorian fashions and, surprisingly, not only the feminine part if it (of course I love the feminine dresses and corsets (who doesn’t?!), but I’ve always dressed in an androgynous way). So, naturally, I NEEDED a jabot.

I can’t say I’m a pro in crafts or sewing,. I usually work in a trial-and-error way and I have no official training in this, so don’t be scared of reading professional terminology – there’s none. I find this particular method working best for me, feel free to alter it in any way to suit your needs/style/etc.

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