How to Hide Serger Thread Tails – DIY Sewing Technique Tutorial

You can’t backstitch with a serger, so you might be left wondering what to do with that little thread tail.

There are several ways of dealing with it, I recommend looking at your manual and seeing what option you like best. My favorite way is to take a big fat needle (a yarn needle or very large upholstery needle will work, the less pointy the end, the better), thread the thread tail through it, and then slide it up into the seam.

Click the step-by-step photos below for larger images!


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7 comments on “How to Hide Serger Thread Tails – DIY Sewing Technique Tutorial
  1. Caffat says:

    I worked in a sewing factory and what we did with the tails. We would take a few stitches into the fabric then grab the tail , Lift up the foot and pull the tail and place under the presser foot close to the stitching line and continue sewing . Its about the same as what you are doing with threading a needle and sewing it in by hand . This way is much faster and you dont have to worry about going back to finish off the tail ends. 🙂

  2. Caffay says:

    oops , Big typo on my nick name in my first post hahaha

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Lex, I tuck my ends in like you suggest & it works well for me. I may try Caffay’s technique too so I don’t need to try to put the 3 or 4 threads from the serger into the eye of the needle….that takes some patience!

  4. Marian Dean says:

    Hi there,
    Found your videos on you tube, great stuff hope you do more. I find your teaching methods easy to follow. Keep up the good work. I hope to make lots of goodies for the grandchildren, only one of the ten is interested in learning to sew, so she comes to me for weekly lessons. We are having such fun.

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