The Quest for the Dry Erase Refrigerator

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Once upon a time, I wanted a dry erase board for my fridge. Then I had this possibly-genius realization: Hey! My big ass white fridge kind of looks like a giant dry erase board! I bet I can just write all over it!

Luckily (and quite out of character for me, to be quite honest), I decided to test a dry erase marker in a very small spot on the side of the fridge first. This was lucky because my fridge, as it turns out, is not one big dry erase board. The marker actually wouldn’t come off! (I was later able to remove the mark with a magic eraser. Crisis averted!)

Okay, so that didn’t work. But what about this? I bet clear contact paper would work. Slap a layer of that on the fridge and use the marker on that!

Tried it. Marker didn’t wipe off.

Next idea… what about press n seal wrap? I tested the marker on it BEFORE I put it all over the fridge this time. And it worked!

So I stuck it on the fridge and discovered that the weird bumpy texture of the fridge made it very difficult to erase the writing.


So finally I gave up on the fridge-as-giant-dry-erase-board dream and settled on this little dinky thing:

Picture 022

Enter Deco Laminate. Guess what they have? GUESS?

DRY ERASE LAMINATE! (They also have rad patterns like chevron, holographic stars, zebra print, AND… CHALK BOARD!)

Picture 027

I wanted to note that it lists the adhesive as being permanent, however it IS removable. I had to reposition mine a few times and it sticks really nice but doesn’t leave any sort of residue behind. Perfect if you’re renting and don’t own your appliances, walls, etc., or if you just don’t want to commit to a dry erase fridge forever. Obviously it would be a good idea to test it on a surface before plastering your entire house with it.

I cut out a sheet big enough to cover the top door and started sticking! I made sure to clean the door first and I removed the handle, though it probably would have been fine to leave the handle in place while I worked.

Picture 031

I got it as smooth as I could, but there was this pesky branding doo-hickey on the door. So I smoothed right up to it and then cut around it with a craft knife (if you don’t own your fridge- or even if you do- please be very gentle with the knife or you run the risk of scratching the finish).

Picture 034


Picture 040

I thought about making the bottom door dry-erase or possible chalk board, but then I decided I probably wouldn’t use the space to write very much, so why not go for a fun print?

Picture 112

I’m a sucker for polka dots.

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