Truly truly truly smarmrageous!

Next up… adventures in dorkiness. I did a really quick ‘n crappy sketch for my JEM costume the other week, but I did some searching the other morning to get some more ideas and had the itch to do another one *cough* instead of doing real work *cough*. So I thought I’d share…

I didn’t want to do the “standard” JEM dress, because it’s kinda of boring. I know, blasphemy! has sketches of EVERY outfit ever in the show, which was immensely helpful… not to mention awesome.

After looking through, I decided to do this outfit… since you can’t see all of it, I can kind of put my own Smarmy twist on it.

0jem50BR-1This is a screencap from an actual episode in which Pizazz and the Misfits are using a JEM poster as a dartboard, thus the dart right in the middle of her face. Ha!

I used the following to sort of round out the rest of the dress idea:

0jem02DI-3 0jem06FS-4 0pizzazz08RS-2

I actually think the first one might have been the outfit the poster was going for, just different colors and a few details different. And of course, It wouldn’t be right without a touch of Pizazz…

0jem60DA-1 betsey

I’m stealing the skirt idea from this Betsey Johnson dress. Yoink!

And finally, my sketch!

csotumThe belt will be removable with a big bow in the back. Tights are turquoise fishnets over purple.

As for the shoes… I’m not a shoe person. Yeah, I’m a shameful specimen of the fairer sex. I’m probably going to wear a pair of old chucks. At least they’re authentically 80’s looking!

I also hadn’t realized before I drew the sketch that she’s wearing 2 different gloves in the poster, so I’ll have to remedy that.

So how’d it turn out?

jem jem_02 jem_03

You can kinda see that the earrings light up in this one. I did Al’s King Diamond makeup. The bee is his girlfriend, Jenni. She glued the sequins onto her antenna one by one!!

I made everything except for the wig and the tights. It always feels so satisfying when you make your own costume, but sometimes you just don’t have time to make everything yourself.

I did cut and style the wig… not very well. I’m really bad at girly stuff like hair and makeup, so I had zero experience (and no luck) getting any of that rockstar mullet volume. Oh well.

The wig, by the way, looks very blonde in the pictures, but it’s actually a pink/blond mix. The JEM dolls had pink and blond hair, so I went for that instead of straight up cotton candy pink.

Just like when you get a new doll, I immediately lost the white glove after taking the pictures! I didn’t even leave the house with it, and I still can’t find it!

The earrings and necklace are shrinky dinks that I painted with hot pink nail polish. šŸ˜› How did I make the earrings light up, you ask? My dad bought me these things called Tireflys a few years ago. They’re little blinky LEDs for the air valve stem on bike tires. Well, I don’t have a bike at the moment, so JEM earrings they became! The coolest thing about them is that they’re impact/motion activated, so all I had to do to make them light up was give them a flick with my finger.

Someone even knew who I was at the party! A BOY, even! I count that as a major success.

To make things even radder, JATFM played their first show last night! No one in the band but me could even stand up in the basement because the ceiling was too low, but hey, no claustrophobia… no gain. Our debut album was also released yesterday on our website, so go check it out. There’s a free EP up if you’re a tightfisted bastard.

A few more pics from the night:

Picture 3886
Noah, our guitarist, smoking a Capri. He has very refined tastes.
King Diamond, aka Al, our other guitarist.
King Diamond, aka Al, our other guitarist.
Stu and Molly. It was decided that Stu was Dead Mike Ness. Molly was Dead Rosie the Riveter.
Stu and Molly. It was decided that Stu was Dead Mike Ness. Molly was Dead Rosie the Riveter.
Molly staunchly refused to relinquish the wheelchair. Later she was projectile vomited upon.
Molly staunchly refused to relinquish the wheelchair. Later she was projectile vomited upon. The guy played it off like he was sooo drunk and had no idea, but I think it was a revenge puking because she wouldn’t share the chair.
My jackolantern!
My jackolantern!

Okay, my jack-o-lantern turned out looking like a stroke victim, but I HAD a plan. Part of the vine had grown into the skin in this perfect line down the middle of the pumpkin, so I was trying to give it two faces. Sort of like half of the comedy/drama theater masks. I think I didn’t exaggerate the features enough. Meh.

I should have taken more pictures. Our drummer, Jesse, dressed in full gorilla suit before we started playing. He had to take it off after a few songs, but it was hilarious while it lasted. One of the guys in Natural Disasters (the band that played before us) was in a pretty kickass Rorschach costume.

Happy Belated Halloween, nuggets, and Happy Dia De Los Muertos!

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